I know the pain and frustration and not being able to make fast progress in your career or your personal life.
If you are feeling stuck in a rut, and not seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel then I am here to tell you that help is at hand!
Andy is here to guide you through the business steps to reach your target goal. We always make sure to focus on your needs and requirements.
Andy offers a SWOT analysis – Focus on your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses, this is able to offer a clear vision of your potential.

Andy Kowalski is here to help you find the solution to your problems!

Andy’s training will help to identify your strengths and where you will need to address your underlying weaknesses that lurk beneath the surface, that lack of self-confidence, opportunity! All of these can be dealt within a 1:1 session with Andy Kowalski. Sessions will help you to rise and achieve you goals and drive your career successfully upwards.

So why not give me a call on +44 (0) 1509 560646 so that we can have heartfelt conversation to move you forward. Initial consultation is £99, plus travel costs to meet you!

STEM Coaching and Mentoring.

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Free Self Help Guide

The ultimate solution lies with finding a pathway which we can customize that will help you!

It is essential for all clients to download this guide in order to understand how the process works

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SWOT Short Course

This five day short course is designed to help you identify those aspects which can help you in the long term with regards to pursuing your goals so let ‘s start with it now!

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