04 Sep 2019

Conferences and Meetings Attended 2017



Date Location Description Organised by
08/02/2017 Nottingham Biocity tour RSC
09/02/2017 Leicester Strategic Leadership Dale Carnegie
17/02/2017 Birmingham Coaching and Speaking J T Foxx org
06/03/2017 Nottingham Mentoring introduction for RSC
17/05/2017 London Chemical Consultants Forum RSC
20/05/2017 Leicester Polish Business Seminar Piotr Skwara
05/07/2017 London Environmental and Toxicology Conference RSC
12/07/2017 Leicester Project Management Exponential Training
14/09/2019 Leicester IST Conference IST
06/10/2017 Birmingham Training for Mentors RSC
07/10/2017 Manchester Polish Business Link Network Event Polbiz
07/11/2017 London Festival of Business


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