18 Jan 2021

Gemma Crofts FCIPD | MAC | Master Practitioner NLP

Gemma is hugely passionate about working with professionals, in particular professional women, to help them reach their full potential by getting rid of self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and increasing confidence, encouraging her clients to dream big and really go after what they want.  

Working with Gemma you can expect professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Her coaching style is personable, challenging, and supportive. Her consultancy services are solutions focused and use creative approaches to explore other ways of working.

She is a qualified Coach & member of the Association for Coaching, Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis, and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. Gemma has extensive expertise in HR after an 18-year career within the field.


Gemma offers the following services: –

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • NLP Breakthrough Day (optional coaching package add-on)
  • Strategic HR Consultancy – projects & programme


She can be contacted via  gemmacrofts@talenta.me.uk


And by mobile to: 07791 863092


Testimonial – NLP Breakthrough Day

I remember feeling quite nervous before my Breakthrough Experience with Gemma…I cannot now remember why! She immediately put me at ease, creating a calm and relaxing space where I could talk openly, freely, and safely. I can liken the experience to the feeling of removing a weighty rucksack containing all your worldly possessions after the longest hike of your life. Gemma seemed to have my baggage sorted out, organised, condensed or completely removed where necessary. And the freedom that has followed since that day has been liberating in ways, I did not even know I needed.  


Thanks to her sensitive yet practical approach, Gemma helped me make sense of my insecurities, completely transforming the ways I had learned to understand myself and reshaping my perspective into something much more resourceful. I know now where to focus my efforts, what elements need editing and what negative thoughts to dispel. Gemma’s help, motivation and support have meant a surge in confidence and renewed energy for me which I have channelled into achieving the goals we set out as part of that day. A Breakthrough Day with Gemma is a very thorough and intensely rewarding experience, and I could not recommend her highly enough. Personally speaking, it is a great comfort knowing I can call upon Gemma if I am ever in need of a steady hand.

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